The company under the name "LAPEL A.E. production and trading of leather garments has the distinctive title" LAPEL "welcomes you to the web site, through which you can be informed about its products and make distance purchases.

The present terms of use for this website are fully compatible with applicable European and Greek law, and the user who visits the website acknowledges that they have full knowledge of them, expressly and unconditionally accepts them and undertakes the obligation to observe them.

In compliance with Article 4 of the Presidential Decree. 131/2003, the company informs you of the following:

The company's head office is located: Terma 28th of October, Eleftherio-Kordelio, Thessaloniki, PC 56334 VAT No .: 094490162.

Contact email:



Users can navigate freely on the website, but the ability to order and purchase products is reserved to legally qualified users, in accordance with Greek law. In the case of an order by a lawfully incompetent person, the Company has  the right to transact the order with the person who has the guardianship or supervision.

The products sold through the website are solely for purchase by users and not for resale. In case of an infringement of this condition, the user is obliged to indemnify the company for any damage it may suffer from its unconventional conduct.




At various points on your site you are allowed to join by filling in your e-mail in the appropriate fields and by this way you are subscribed to the newsletter of the company. In case you want to remove your e-mail from the list of newsletter, just click on the link you will find at the bottom of each newsletter.



The distinctive title and the trademark posted on the website are assets of the company. The company reserves the right to initiate civil, criminal and administrative legal action against any offender in the relevant terms.

All the texts, photographs, drawings, commercial and financial data, clothing designs and other products, programs, the layout of are the intellectual property of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European and International Conventions on Intellectual Property. Based on the above, the total or partial copying, distribution, transfer, processing, storage, reproduction, republication, modification and any related action on the above items is expressly prohibited without the express prior written consent of the company. Otherwise, the above actions may be an infringement of the Company's intellectual property rights.


To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, we use the SSL encryption protocol with the sha256WithRSAEncryption cryptography algorithm.

The Lapel online store first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (pre-determined from the start of your connection to the service) and then processes it. From the e-shop, information is sent following the same encryption process. There is SSL encryption at anywhere in the store where you enter personal data (password, addresses, phones, credit cards, etc.).


If you would like to contact our customer service department, please fill in the special contact form or send us an e-mail to customer support.

If you do not receive an immediate response to your request (within 24 hours except from weekends) or if you feel that your subject needs immediate service then you can contact us by phone at 2310-559111 from 08:00 to 16:00 except from weekends.



The Company reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, which will be posted to the site within a reasonable time. In any case, the terms that are posted on the date of the order will apply to the user.

The Company also reserves the right to discontinue at any time and unannounced, part or all of the services provided on the site.

Failure to observance any of the Company's rights under these terms, in no circumstances imply resignation from them.



This Convention applies to Greek law, and for any dispute that may arise, the Courts of Thessaloniki are competent.



Payment of your order is made either by cash (at an additional cost of 3 €) or by charging your credit, debit or prepaid card (at no extra cost). Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.

Accepted cards are those that appear as an option in the online ordering system. In the order form you will need to fill in the required credit card details you are entitled to, for which you are the only responsible for the correct recording and the truth of them. Charging will take place after checking this validity, credentials, and balance availability to cover the value of your order. If the transaction in question is rejected by the relevant Bank or the relevant network then the purchase is not made. The company does not bear any responsibility in case of unlawful use of credit cards. Transactions made through credit cards are made in a secure encrypted environment of the bank, in an environment outside the site If your order can not be completed because your bank failed to charge your credit card, you can contact your customer service department to initiate your order with a different payment method.



The deliveries of the products are made only within the Greek territory, in about 2-3 working days via the Courier Service (Porta-Porta) after the confirmation of your order. In order to complete the service you consent to the disclosure of the necessary information to the above company (name, address, telephone), so that the delivery is completed.

Over 50€ order the shipping is free of charge. For shipments of up to € 49, the charge is € 3

Products are distributed from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. Once the order arrives at the pickup address, you will be asked for a signature to be delivered.

If the merchandise reaches its destination and there is no person to pick it up, then the cooperating courier company will make two more attempts in the next business days to deliver the product to you, leaving you with a notice to contact their responsible representative . The time limit for contacting them and specifying the re-sending of the product to you is 3 business days. After the specified time, the product is automatically returned to our warehouses. When the product is returned to us, we will contact you for the alternatives we offer you. If the refund reason concerns a company error, the company is committed to re-dispatch the courier to the address you have appointed to receive the order at your own expense.

If the information entered on the form is incorrect, the Company does not bear any liability for non-delivery.



You have the right to return the entire order or part thereof within 14 calendar days of receipt. In case of returning the product (s), fill in the special return form, which you will find here, to inform us of the reasons for the return and the way you want us to continue with your order. In case of a refund, the cost of transport will be borne by you.


If you exercise the right to withdraw, you are required to ship the product (s) in its original condition and unless the specific product labels (protectors, stickers, labels) have been removed, necessarily accompanied by the relevant withdrawal notice; and with the corresponding sales receipt. Return will be readily accepted if the aforementioned are kept.


Your Return Form gives you the following alternatives:


Replacement: Our Company will do the best to replace the product you returned, either this product is defective (the same code, resizing or coloring), or the wrong code has been sent or the size is not suitable for you. For the best possible service, we suggest that you inform us, either by phone or email, within 2 working days of the date of receipt of your request for replacement. If replacement is not possible due to unavailability of the requested product, we will contact you by offering you alternatives.

Refund: If the products are returned, the refund will be completed within 10 working days of the date we receive the products.

Products to be returned are sent exclusively to the following address: LAPEL A.E. Terma 28th of October, Eleftherio-Kordelio, Thessaloniki, PC 56334.

All products returned to our warehouses are subject to meticulous quality control